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Laser Engraving: pencil barrel 5 mm W X 100 mm H (1Colours)
BNEU Minimum order quantity 1 Setup Repeat
1 col 500 - Free Free
Name Sprout™ | Pencil in single packaging
Description The pencil comes in a cardboard packaging where the user can see the instructions on how to use it and plant it. Printing personalisation is only possible on the pencil, while the cardboard packaging comes in a nice pre-printed Sprout™ design.
Customs code 9609200000
Country of Origin Denmark
Material Wood / Paper
Height 19 cm
Diameter 0.8 cm
Weight 8 g
Standard Packaging 14 cm W × 35 cm H × 27 cm D 0.014 m3 500 u. 5 kg
Inner Packaging Individual card

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