In compliance with article 22 of the Spanish Law on the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services as well as (30) EU Regulation 2016/679 on Data Protection (RGPD), we inform you that this web page collects cookies -small files containing a series of characters that are sent to your browser from a web site server -, its own and that of third parties, in order to gather user entry or identification information; reproduction and loading of forms and/or content plug-in; advertising; statistic; etc.

The purpose of this policy is to inform you of the different cookies that BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE – as of the present time, BGE - collects via the web page, both its own as well as those of third parties, exempt or not of the duty to inform and the distinct ways that they may be rejected, permitted or blocked. In any case, BGE informs you that the rejection, blocking or refusal to permit the cookies may affect the proper browsing of the content reproduced in the web page.

The information that BGE collects from the cookies is of two distinct types:

  1. Cookies strictly necessary for the provision of a service or content requested by the registered user. These have the purpose of recalling the identifications of the registered parties; preferences of tools in the content use; interaction with content; localization of access to the content. This type of cookie may have a specific duration: imminent expiration; expiration upon ending session; temporary expiration.

  2. Cookies that are not strictly necessary for the provision of services, such as those of third party advertising; information on results; browsing habits; Performance improvement. This type of cookie is characterized by obtaining information with the following purposes: management of advertising spaces; to determine browsing habits -behavioural advertising-; To analyse and measure results. Like the previous ones, this type of cookies may have variable expiration periods: imminent, daily or a greater period of time.


Name of the cookie TITLEHOLDER Purpose Temporality Privacy Policy CATEGORY
bicCookiesActives BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE, S.A Acceptance of browsing with cookies 6 months NECESSARY
Chatsession BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE, S.A Save the session with the chat service 1 year NECESSARY
fctoken BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE, S.A Key for identification of each user with an open chat Session NECESSARY
lastVisited BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE, S.A Recently visited products Session NECESSARY
_ga BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE, S.A Used to distinguish between users 2 years STATISTICS
_gat_UA-66970580-1 BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE, S.A Includes information on the campaign related to the user. If you have linked your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, the website conversion labels shall read this cookie unless it is disabled. 1 minute STATISTICS
_gid BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE, S.A Used to distinguish between users. 24 hours STATISTICS
_userId BIC GRAPHIC EUROPE, S.A Only created when you are registered and serves to save the session Session FUNCTIONAL


Name of the cookie TITLEHOLDER Purpose Temporality Privacy Policy CATEGORY
collect GOOGLE ANALYTICS Not specified Session MARKETING

Likewise, cookies are used for the content that may be shared via the distinct social media, through the sharing of buttons, the use of “Share” and “Like” on the social networks such as Youtube®, Vimeo®, etc., with these being controlled exclusively by the providers of said social media. The social networks that include these buttons may use them to identify you, even when they have not been used during the visit to our site. In fact, this type of application buttons may allow the social network in question to keep a record of your browsing in our site, simply given that your account in said network is open in its data terminal (open session) during your visit to our site. In any case, BGE is not liable for the use and treatment that the social networks may make of your data and it recommends that you read the privacy policies of said networks so as to understand the objectives of the data collection when browsing through this type of buttons, especially with regards to advertising. The social network policies should permit the exercising of your right to choose through the account adjustments.

Similarly, the reproduction of the content that may be re-directed via the links inserted in the distinct formats in the web page or social media may contain cookies from the titleholders of said re-directed content, with BGE not being liable for the policy and information supplied or for the treatment made by third parties external to BGE regarding said cookies.

The browser may be configured so as to permit the cookies to be stored in its data terminal or to automatically reject cookies coming from certain sources. The browser may also be configured so that you are immediately asked if you accept or reject the cookies before your data is stored in its terminal.

Each browser has distinct methods to manage the cookies and different adjustments for the same. The configuration of the browser is described in the help menu, which indicates how to adjust the cookie adjustments.

The Flash cookies that are used by Adobe® Flash Player are managed in an interface that is distinct from that of the browser. Adobe® Flash Player is an application that permits the rapid visualization of dynamic content using the Flash computer language. Flash and other similar applications store the adjustments, preferences and data through the use of technology that is similar to that of the cookies. If it is possible to visualize content developed with Flash technology from your data terminal, directly access the Flash cookies management tool from

We also offer you the possibility of connecting to, a web page proposed for digital advertising in order to help control, accept or reject some of the cookies installed in the browser.

In the case in which you prefer to change the configuration of your browser with regards to the cookies adjustments, we are offering you the following information so as to facilitate said work.

Chrome - Safari - Opera - Edge - Explorer - Firefox

As for mobile devices, the following information on adjustments or documentation about the same is included.

For Android: Menu > More > Adjustments >Privacy adjustments.
For Safari (IOS)
For Blackberry: Home > Browser > Options > Privacy & Security: clear the Accept Cookies > Save
For Windows Phone

For any doubts, clarifications and/or suggestions regarding cookies, contact us via email at

The information provided may suffer modifications due to updates or changes made to the cookies treatment policy. Similarly, the Spanish Data Protection Agency may issue instructions and/or recommendations to vary the same.

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