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BIC Graphic Europe S.A.
Pol. Ind. Entrevias s/n
43006 Tarragona
Tel: +34 977 55 60 44
Fax: +34 977 55 15 54



BIC Graphic Europe, S.A. is dully registered at the Companies and Trade Registry of Tarragona at the Volume 1270, Page 198, Sheet number T-14.278.

Site hosting:
Camino hormigueras, 172
28031 Madrid

Editor state as follows:

  1. Aim of the website:

    This is a B2B commercial website. It contains and publishes products, materials, services and contents related with the main activities of BIC Graphic Europe

  2. Intellectual Property

    The Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights means all rights granted by law and Intellectual and Industrial’s regulations that may acknowledge the economic performance of these rights in any way, as well as any other right accepted by law, i.e.: the registration of the properties in order to obtain the correspondent legal protection.

    All contents included within this website, despite if they are texts, pictures or images, files, trademarks, trade names or companies’ names, logos, colour combinations accidental or not, designs; the selection, contain and presentation of the contents and information offered at the website; the software needed to access, surf, maintain and manage the website; and any other element able to be protected by Intellectual and/or Industrial property regulations, are owned by BIC Graphic Europe, S.A., or by its respective owners or licensees.

    Consequently, is forbidden to reproduce (expect as for a private use), to transform, to distribute, to perform any public communication and any other manner of performance of the rights described, of all or part of the contents of this website, as well as of the design, alteration or change of the design or any materials without the proper authorisation, when granted. Visitor or user is bind to use this website with scrupulous respect to the Intellectual and Industrial property Rights.

    It is also forbidden to decompose, to decompile, to perform inverse engineering, to under license or to transfer in any way, to translate, to make derived works from the software or the contents or to carry any activity protected by the Intellectual and Industrial regulations. Visitor or user must respect always the protection devices or security systems installed at this website.

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